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  • Product: Off-circuit Tap Changer(bar-form)(110kV)
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Off-circuit linearity tap-changer(WDT and WST series)

The specification of the product is rated voltage 110KV (highest voltage for equipment 126kV)and below, rated current 1600A and below with various regulating methods.


WDT、WST Series off-circuit Tap Changer(bar-form)

This type of tap changer is comprised by tap changer body and operating mechanism. It is suitable for oil-immersed power transformer with frequency of 50, 60Hz, highest voltage for equipment 40.5kV and 126kV, rated current from 200 to 1500A. The tap changer is installed on tanking body and operating on tank cover, they must be working under non-energized condition.


WDT II series off-circuit tap changer




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