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Capacity-regulating tap-changer (WSLTX and WSLTC series)

Capacity-regulating tap-changer is applicable for the three-phase oil-immersed capacity-regulating transformer with voltage 10KV(highest voltage for equipment 12 kV) and below and capacity 315KVA and below.


Off-circuit Capacity Regulating Tap Changer


This type of tap changer is designed as step changeable facility used for capacity regulating transformer under nonenergized condition. It is suitable for three-phase oil-immersed capacity regulating with Highest voltage 12kV and below, rated capacity 315kVA and below. It can be connected in series and parallel system on LV and HV windings or connected by star or delta method through which to realize transformer capacity changeable. By this way we can reduce iron loss and increase transformer load efficiency and power factor avoiding the phenomenon of "Big horse will drag small carriage",and can be used to regulate voltage terminals.